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I can hear a street preacher shouting into a megaphone. Breaking noise ordinances. SHOUTING INTO A MEGAPHONE!!!!eleven.

I can hear him from my home in Salem, MA. Over a box fan and a loud TV. I don't want to equate Hallowe'en in Salem with these berks.They threaten people, target and antagonize people, and practice hate speech (equating gays with paedophiles). What are you going to do about it?

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Update: I now have the A/C running, a box fan, and a horror movie on my TV turned all the way up to 100. I can still hear them.

I get that this AMA is over, but I've been a resident for a couple of years and wanted to buy property. Why the hell should I now?

Just because they believe in a made-up bearded white guy in the sky doesn't mean they should be allowed the right to SCREAM into a microphone. I shouldn't be able to hear him over the tour groups and drunkards, who actually bring money to this city. They could be screaming "I love orgasms" or "FREE PUPPEHS" and I wouldn't care. Loud is loud.

Salem, Massachusetts, Code of Ordinances, PART III, Chapter 22: "It shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue, or cause to be made or continued any loud, unnecessary or unusual noise or any noise which annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities."

People don't want this in their town. You're a Mayor. Address this properly for those of us who choose to live here instead of those swanning in to deliver their message.

It is HATE speech and it is NOT protected in any way. And their threats? Is that constitutionally-protected, too?

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I've called the police twice in the past 40 minutes.

I asked for advice - it's my home. I can't escape this noise. I can't drown it out (that would be disturbing the peace!). I can't confront the guy.

Cop told me that "to a point", he can say whatever he wants and be as loud as he wants. "To a point", meaning THERE IS A LEGAL LIMIT FOR BOTH. The volume here is the ONLY issue, but everyone, cops included, thinks the furore here is solely directed towards the content (though yes, the content is disgusting, but I've learned that no-one cares about hate speech here). It's the volume. IT'S THE VOLUME!

I asked the cop who I could call for more on the line between free speech and disturbing the peace; she said the Chief. In the morning. HA!

Meanwhile, I asked her what I could do to stop from losing it. She that every time I felt he was too loud, I should keep calling 911 "just like everyone else keeps doing".

So yeah, call the cops on them. As Salem residents, we have a responsibility to report these out-of-town berks. To quote the great scripture Mean Girls, "[He] doesn't even GO here!!"

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She turned me into a newt!

I got better....