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One of the things I struggle with is relationship building and it’s partly due to not knowing how to explain my shifts in moods from time to time. I could meet someone one day and be very bubbly and social but other times I’m extremely depressed and reclusive and it can get confusing and off putting to people who try to get to know me. I’ve been asked about it before and I never really know what to say because I feel my bipolar disorder will run people off. Plus it’s not really something to bring up casually. And I’m running out of excuses. How do I navigate dealing with mood swings while trying to form relationships?

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How has this experience changed how you feel physically?

Could you see this being sustainable on a larger scale in today’s environment?

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I was offered TMS by my therapist but when I did the consultation, they said I might not qualify because of my hypomanic episodes because it might increase them. Is TMS designed for people with bipolar type 2? What else can I do if therapy,l and medication haven’t worked and I don’t qualify for TMS? What alternatives help bipolar patients?