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evian_is_naive14 karma

Do you find that French-speakers just talk faster than English-speakers?

This could be a product of being a non-native french speaker, or it may relate to what you said somewhere else about French language "putting a lot in a sentence," but it does seem to me that people talk faster and maybe think faster as a result. English, at least in America, is pretty damn slow

I also enjoy explaining to non-speakers how é , et, aie, aies, aient , est , es , ez and probably many others all make the same sound, and watching their face go wtf

evian_is_naive10 karma

Hello Mr. Hoffman-

I have a few questions, based off of the short article you posted in Scientific American.

  • How long does the overall injection process take? The article stated that 5 separate injections were necessary, but is that over the course of several hours, days, weeks?

  • In terms of getting its availability to the field, have you had any NGOs, health organizations, etc. contact you about getting the vaccine into greater production and then transporting it to the areas that most need it? Where do you anticipate the greatest hurdles will be in making this available in Africa/S Asia/SE Asia?

  • Finally, just as a more personal question, it seems like there was a lot of doubt surrounding the vaccine's viability before your latest tests. Did you ever feel like you were fighting an unwinnable battle? Any pearls of wisdom that helped you get through harder times?