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Have either of you seen this transit model that sort of fits the lightcurve?


The assumption is that we are seeing a second close-in dim star and its host of planets all transit the primary star.

It is fleshed out here: http://imgur.com/gallery/6335i Some thought has been put into this but I cannot judge its accuracy. Is it totally crazy?

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And I love your replies!

As a casual SETI enthusiast it really frustrates me that you are expected to be able to produce results with such short observational periods. I'm sure we wouldn't pick up anything from Earth 1500ly away if we only listened for a single day, given how infrequently and directionally we choose to broadcast intentional signals.

Best of luck to you; who knows you may go down in history as making the greatest discovery of all time, and regardless of what is really going on we will all remember how weird and interesting Tabby's star was/is.

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if we find that the eclipses are achromatic (the same at all wavelengths), that would be very strange and hard to explain.

What natural explanation could you think of if this occurs?

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Hi! Thanks so much for doing this.

I assume you guys run programs that try to fit shapes to the transit lightcurves by tweaking properties of the shapes until the dip matches, is there a particular shape that's your best or favorite match? Or is my assumption bogus?

Bonus: I read the April 2016 report about the likelihood of technological civilizations having appeared before us being fairly large given some assumptions; if you were forced to defend the alien megastructure hypothesis, would you think it is already long abandoned? Sorry if my SETI question makes you cringe!

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Last question: Have either of you gotten approval for radio telescope time to observe the star in the future? I heard SETI already did a very brief observation but it seemed far too short to rule anything out.