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Not the OP but I'd love to know the story behind how you got it, this is fascinating to read, thank you for doing it!

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Respect for doing this. I wanted to ask if you were already DJ'ing before you lost your arm, or is it something you did after? How has it shaped your technique? Did the move to CDJ/Digital make this easier?

EDIT: The reason I asked this is because a younger friend lost an arm at a very young age and has dreams of working in music, I realise it's a personal question and I'd totally understand if you decide not to answer it.

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Thank you for sharing that bro. Thinking back to my own experience years ago of learning to DJ and how frustrating it was really puts it into perspective. My man is a beast on the decks but lacks the confidence to perform outside of his social circle, I know he's going to love reading through your answers in this thread, big up yourself for doing this.

Also, hello fellow Serato user! That Rane One looks mean AF, can't wait to try it.

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What experiences do you have of racism outside of your meetings with Klan members and supremacist groups?

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Hi Dave, What is your OS of choice today?