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eveliendorien30 karma

Hi There :) What is the most rewarding kitten (or else) rescue you've ever done or the one that felt most rewarding, at least?

eveliendorien1 karma

have YOU ever considdered turning a favorite book of yours into a screenplay or thought of hiring writers so you could produce it, which book would it be?

that being said, do you dabble in writing, drawing,...?

eveliendorien1 karma

Feel better soon, stomach bugs going around so... Some things we can come up with off the bat:

1) On Oculus, It was (to our knowledge) the first time you got to play a mom (lol)... What was it like reading the script thinking: "I'm gonna be Karen Gillan's mom in this one" :) 2) favorite workout music/Iphone/whatever music (when not on stomachbug) and why? :) 3) Do you really have to TYPE all of these answers down? haha

ps: thanks for doing this :)