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evangael1435 karma

Do you know what all the buttons do? Have you pressed them all even once?

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One more: when you get home, does your SO call you "captain"?

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So many questions pop up...

  • Can you login to the CIA's servers and look into records of any human being?
  • Do you guys have like a secret handshake or similar?
  • Do you have access to small arms?
  • How did the CIA affect your personal life?
  • Can you clear out a room full of baddies kinda like the likes of Jason bourn or Mr. Wick?
  • Can you pass a polygraph with ease?
  • Did you make use of your good looks during your undercover work?
  • When standing somewhere, do you notice all the details? # of escape routes, possible threats, ...

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Would you argue that games promote violent behaviour or relieves it from the subject we like to call "the player"?

Also, do you think this medium has a bright future?