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I feel like a haunted house is one of those things someone will force you to do even if you are protesting.

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Bob's Burgers is incredibly good. The cast of Bob's Burgers is incredibly good. How did that happen?

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Are you sure that you aren't actually Nathan Fielder? How can you tell?

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It was, they changed it.

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What you do musically is unmatched, and acclaimed, but I've never experienced anything like what you do with your non-musical comedy. The mind twisting stream of consciousness psychedelic nonsense you perform is some of my favorite work in any medium. Not sure what to ask about it, anything you can share about how you arrived at that style of comedy, speaking, poetry?

Also blown away by how many of my friends in various corners of the Los Angeles psychedelic culture adjacent communities have had glowing reports of their encounters with you. You are a real lover and supporter of our local culture, and from all accounts a wonderful person.