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Correct, yet the police were given orders to kill people, when it was still a peaceful protest. It is hard to not fight against that. That is why currently our ex-president and some top officials have mass murder and crimes against humanity investigations going on against them.

The police and army have now switched sides, except for the one special forces unit, the one that is blamed for most blood in Kiev last week (up to 200 people are said to have been killed). That unit is in Crimea. They were disbanded by the new government, after which Russia has officially declared they will provide them with Russian citizenships and jobs, and now that unit is helping block all roads into Crimea. And they are scary.

Nobody is fighting yet. We do not want war.

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As I said in another response, just the presence of, say, a US warship would have prevented a lot of this from happening in the past 3 days. Ukraine has no financial or military power to defend itself right now, but if such power is provided, we believe the conflict can end peacefully. It is only escalating because there is no way for us to stop it ourselves, the country is weakened.

There is no blood so far. It is military muscle play of a bully that sees no resistance, it seems.

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It used to be about 50/50 (or 55/45), but after the events of Euromaidan the statistics are said to have changed to 75% of Ukrainians supporting a European future, plus many people undecided or against both. Russia has shown its dark side even to its usual supporters in the East of Ukraine.

EDIT: A lot of people asked me for the source, and somewhere below I posted one that cites the statistic at 65% vs 35, so I apologize for the wrong number. Though that statistic is for December, so it is also a bit outdated.

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If Crimea wants to separate from Ukraine, the Ukrainian constitution allows for an all-Ukrainian vote to be held to decide the matter. Crimea also has its own government which can legitimately fight for more independence from Ukraine (albeit not complete independence, unless all of Ukraine would want that). The problem is not that they want to separate - it is that Russian soldiers and pro-Russian Ukrainians took over Crimea and declared it Russian. There is a very big population of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in Crimea that have clearly stated they do not want to separate from Ukraine. But they can't do much when there are armed soldiers all around the peninsula, can they... Right now a lot of effort is being made to avoid blood.

Reports of the gunmen being Russian have come from journalists for a while, also today the Russian government has confirmed some of them to be their army "protecting the peace" in Crimea.

We don't "expect" to go anywhere with this, Ukraine does not want war. Just the presence of NATO or US military in the area could decide the matter 3 days ago.

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pro-EU. Ukrainians have nothing against Russians, only the Russian government.