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What do you personally feel are the most important currently unsolved problems in mathematics? Which direction would you like to see future research head?

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While I'm sure there are issues with intellectual property rights, is there any possibility in the future of breeding this trait into current popular apple varieties, such as Granny Smith or Honeycrisp?

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Why doesn't Assange step away from the organization while handling his legal issues? Why does he have to make him evading arrest (for fucking sex charges) a wikileaks, rather than a personal, issue?

On top of that, why don't you guys release everything you have rather than piddling it out little by little? You are frustrating anti-examples of whistleblowers when you only slowly release those bits of information that you find politically advantageous.

Seriously, you guys were a once-noble organization that I am seriously starting to dislike through severe mismanagement, arrogance, and bad decision making.

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Any chance you could be more specific about which branch of mathematics is connected to interstellar space and why?

Any idea what the current contenders are for a mathematical understanding of what constitutes dark matter?

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I think technically yes, however there's legal precedents for people who stole agricultural technology and made no profit from it being assessed zero fines. They just had to remove the plants in question.