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ALLIE ALLIE ALLIE So glad to see you back with your comic and general internet presence! (I hope the depression continues to be beaten back by random pieces of corn everywhere.)

My question is this: what is your everyday life like these days?

Random addendum: I actually pre-ordered your book TWICE because I forgot that I pre-ordered the first time, and rather than cancel one of them I'm just excited that I'll be getting two copies.

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Joss - LOVE your shows... can't wait to see Cabin!

My question: I know that picking between beloved shows is probably like picking the favorite among offspring, BUT...

If you could pick ONE piece of work (one episode of any show you've done, or one movie) that would be used to represent your entire body of work - to be seen by children 100 years in the future, or to alien species who have discovered the ruins of our civilization in 100 thousand years, which would it be and why?

(Edited to add that in this fantasy scenario, if you cannot pick JUST ONE, that it will be picked for you and would be your LEAST favorite among your own work.)

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Not a question, just want to say that nerdy guys are hot and I wish you better luck in the future.

That is all.

edit: Better luck with dating. It seems your luck in other arenas is already quite good :)

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I just want to express that I am VERY EXCITED about the RPG show - I'm so glad that the funding got to that level!

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Hi Cheryl! I'm writing on behalf of myself and a good friend - we are both huge fans of your writing and advice!

We both wanted to know - what do you feel like the differences are between giving written advice in the column and giving verbal advice in the podcasts? Is there anything especially more challenging or rewarding about one or the other? Which format do you prefer?