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1: Yes, that makes a lot of sense!

2: Thank you! I've heard/read that it's all about using the diaphragm, but I wasn't sure how I would really be able to tell if I was doing it right or not. These seem like great techniques!

3: Ah, I see. I wish you luck and I hope to hear your voice on NBC someday soon! Thanks again for the AMA!

eternalistorm1 karma

I'm super late to this AMA but I do have a few questions if you don't mind:

1) How does it feel voicing significantly younger/older characters?

2) I've been a referee and judge for a few local martial arts tournaments in my area, and there's a lot of loud and commanding calls to the participants involved. Do you have any tips for voice stamina? I feel like my voice starts off well being loud and assertive, but wears off and loses power around the 4th hour of calling out results and whatnot. I depend on my voice especially in times like these due to my vertically challenged stature AND an unfortunately youthful appearance. Did you have any techniques that you used while you were practicing theater?

3) Do you have a "dream role" or anything of that sort? Is there a role that you've had your eye on for a while?

I've been extremely fascinated/borderline obsessed with voice acting for the past few years and have been poking around the internet for tips and whatnot to see how people take their steps to get into the industry. Everything is so interesting (especially that 1,2,3 rule you mentioned in a previous answer)!

Sorry for the long blocks of text. Thank you so much for taking your time to do this AMA! Congratulations on the new baby, and Happy New Year!