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Why are you so amazing? There’s my question, but good job for your courage and fortitude. You and your fellow cancer fighters got a raw deal but your bravery and stamina are inspiring. Also, thanks for sharing...and F C!!!

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Why not free Corvettes for everyone? This is madness, taking money from taxpaying hard-working Americans to give to college students. It is a pathetic agenda to take form the earners to give to those incapable of earning the money to pay their own way. They probably have a cell phone and transportation, so I would call it a budgeting problem. There are scholarships and grants for the truly needy. It seems like socialist BS, redistribution, with a sprinkle of feminism. It also goes against the American dream of equal opportunity. I am a University teacher, and do not support this idea.

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I'm not interested in marijuana, but I'd be willing to bet you could get free seeds on that crop! :)

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What are your primary crops? What is your rotation schedule? Are you using drones to increase your yield, and how successful has that been? (Also, thanks for farming...We all need to eat).

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Why do they only hire small Mexicans?