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I think lamb tastes a lot like the same gamey flavor that caribou has. Moose is a little less gamey. Mom and I ate lamb balls in Texas and now I want fried 'bou balls.

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You must be a night owl like me. We were camping on Skilak Lake. The shore birds went apeshit and there's blondie ambling down the beach. I thought I hollered "bear!" but I only cartoon whispered it and went for my tent and pistol. Waving and shouting at my bud to grab his shotgun she stood up (and her cubs copied, so cute) the length of a basketball court away from us. I felt like I never needed coffee again, ever.

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AK bro checking in. Scariest brown bear experience I had was when a beaut of a blonde wandered close with not one or two but three cubs. She could have plowed through us in no time. My two friends and I were glad she and her cubs ran off, considering all I had was my single action .44 and my shotgun pal froze and wouldn't grab his 12 guage 6 steps away in his tent. Momma's scare me.