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How often do you meet someone in your day-to-day-outside-of-work life who you feel has the charisma and natural wit to entertain people for a living? Have you ever taken time out of your day to talk to someone about it?

I'm not talking exactly about people who you think could take the grueling life of a transient for-profit entertainer, but just people who you think have a 'sell-able' personality? You don't have to go into detail, anecdotes are fine.

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Do you guys have a 'n-word' quota with your white comedians? Like, do you require them to have a certain amount of 'n-word' jokes? Or do you find you have to curtail and regulate the usage? How about other minorities? Do you see a burgeoning market catering to obscure racial situations developing in the future?

How often do you have to shoot down clients/prospects who suggest routines of this type (ironically and non-ironically)?

But seriously, how do you handle creative control with your clients?

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Are there Lagrange points possible between orbiting black holes,and what would that environment might be like?

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What humiliatingly public historic punishment (that causes no physical injury) would you like to see enshrined in law to punish people who do things like posh over hoodoos, carve their name on historic monuments, lean over to touch stuff in museums, or take 'samples' of irreplaceable hieroglyphics?

I'm in favor of the stocks, as well as a nicer version of tar-and-feathering, using mollasses and glitter. How about you?