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Are those normal jeans? No special clothing?

And what's your favorite snack?

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I am still reading through your website, there is a lot of information there so thanks.

How 'user' friendly is your Marketing Software? By 'user' I mean the person you refer to as the 'site owner' using the software.

With the emergence of small businesses in the Marijuana industry in Colorado and Washington state, do you think a small business would need an established website and market, to make use of this software?

Im not a developer, but I do find this all very interesting.

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I had to look it up, and holy crap.


As he explains, getting those wings level in that split second is amazing!

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I see you're wearing a Nemo hat. I have always been interested in their firearms. Is the price worth it?

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What are your suggestions to the people who live in these areas?