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erratically_sporadic here!

Would you rather fight a Equus ferus caballus-sized Anas platyrhynchos or 20 Anas platyrhynchos-sized Equus ferus caballus?

Edit: I just saw my question phrased differently somewhere else :( and Fixed!

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I don't know feather or not I can compete against you in a joke cont-nest! I bet you know a hen-dred!

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That sounds quacky!

How do you feel about bird puns? Whats your favorite bird joke?

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Huge fan! Thanks for doing this AMA! Couple of questions:

1.How does Bryan Devendorf feel about being forever immortalized on the cover of your debut album?

2.Dark Was the Night is my favorite compilation album of all time. Any plans on another DWTN charity-type album for Red Hot(or any other charity)?

3.Would you consider collaborating on an album with St. Vincent?

4.What can you tell us about the new album? Why was the song Rylan not included in the album?

EDIT: removed/readded original questions.