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Rollerblades are inline skates, so I guess that what you are using, maybe not in brand, but in function. I prefer the 4 wheel ones with 90mm wheels. I don't rollerskate.

With Rollerblades you can stop with the back bumper for beginners, T-stop or powerslide. In a way they are similar to ice. I've seen people do axels but I wouldn't try it :lol:.

I feel that way about ice :). It is very hard and unforgiving, but that is preference. Nothing wrong with wearing protection until you are comfortable, I speed skate so I wear knee, elbow and wrist protection and a helmet.

I still am amazed how guys hold girls skating. They must be in super shape to do that.

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Do you do any rollerblading? I was a figure skater many, many years ago. I just did it for fun as a kid and not to be competitive. Figure skating is actually one of the worst sports for wear and tear on your body, one of my instructors told me that. She kinda talked me out of the sport. I didn't believe it but I read its true. I know with rollerblading stiff boots can cause muscle weakness over time, because of a low range of motion, so I avoid that.

I switched to rollerblading and I like it much better than ice, doing it since the 90s. I mostly endurance/speed skate for fitness, but I'll do some jumps and moves. I do still ice skate in the winter, but it is not my first choice.

Good luck in your competitions!

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Would an AWD Lexus GS or IS make a good rally car?

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Nice! The IS would be a perfect size, the GS is the same car but a bit longer.

I thought the Subaru WRX is a big rally car, the GS/IS AWD is similar (planetary all time diff).