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Absolutely. As I watched Warren Farrell's ordeal at the hands of the radical feminists at the Toronto university I was reminded of the pickets in the 1970s wherever I spoke, and the banners that said "all men are rapists" "all men are bastards." This has not happened for a very long time, and to see it rising again--and to think that there are possibly tutors, professors, at universities who are brainwashing these young girls (and boys) into believing that men are dangerous -- the point really is that I'm holding the professors responsible for this.

And also I'm half Canadian, my mother was Canadian.

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I get so tired of mantras. "Patriarchy" is a load of rubbish. We need to get past buzz words. Individuals are individuals. We don't need collective nouns for behavior. We shouldn't need a women's movement or a men's movement, we need to come out of this brutal war that has caused so many men to commit suicide, so many fathers to lose their children and their homes, and include women who have been hurt by men... it is not about the war between men and women because the truth behind the women's movement, it was not about men it was about money, and a small group of very powerful women saw the possibility of creating a billion dollar industry by excluding and demonizing masculinity.

If there are people who call themselves feminist who genuinely care about men's issues, let them show that they are working on men's issues and allowing men to speak of their own experiences in their own voices and don't demand they allow feminism to speak for them, let them speak for themselves and represent themselves. Enough of labels, show your intent with word and deed.

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I call it "the mask of sanity." If you have a look on an article on A Voice for Men you will see on what I call the terrorist in the family (here: http://www.avoiceformen.com/women/working-with-violent-women/ ), have a look at that article.

Men and women express violence differently. Men tend to explode, and be overtly violent, where women tend to implode, and become subversively angry. Most violence-prone people are at times capable of being enormously charismatic and exhude a completely false warmth. This is how they fool ordinary people.

So how do you spot such a person? Always beware of anyone who needs to be the center of attention, and if they're not they sulk, they cannot survive being in the wings of an event. Most violence-prone people will lie about their past. So if you see evidence of that watch out for it. The other thing to watch out for is morbid jealousy--that is they fantasize that their partner is having sex with or looking at other people and they become enraged. This is not love, this is a very dangerous form of possessivenes. Violence-prone people will want to check on everything: phone calls, emails, Facebook, anywhere that their partner can have any independent relationships bar the one he or she has now.

To make it smaller, that person, let's say it's a woman, once she's got his claws in him, he can have no relationships without her, including his family, and her first steps will be to cut her partner from all his other outlets.

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Hopefully it is because there are new young women who call themselves "equity feminists," which we all are, because sane people genuinely want equality under the law, and they want to work with men towards peace. I hope even the angry ones are starting to realize something is wrong and that the war against men has been terrible... it's destroyed marriages, really, destroyed relationships, it has.

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I'm going to respond to this first comment of mine to say that it's getting late and I'm tired but this has been wonderful and I thank you all, and, if I'm still welcome, I'll come back next Saturday around the same time to get anyone I missed. I hope that's OK with you all, my apologies to anyone I didn't get to, please sleep well!

I hope if you're reading this you'll consider donation to A Voice for Men or National Coalition for Men for all the terrific work they do to help people!