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10 out of 10 recommend meeting them. Don't know them super well, but what they've done for magicians with this show is incredible. They let US upload the clip of our performance to YouTube so that we can benefit from all the views. What other TV show would let their guests do that?

While it can certainly be problematic for magicians to expose secrets, I think P&T have found the proper way to do it many times. They really just reveal antiquated ideas, only to pull a fast one on the audience and fool them a different way. It's sort of a classic magic plot at this point to do that, and I'd say they invented that style

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I thought I replied to this one but I don't see it now?

Either way, it's a great questions. While we certainly experience illusions differently from our end, for us the magic is in the reactions we get, and it really is a great feeling to see that feeling of wonder in people's eyes

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Being on the show was a great experience. We needed to submit our audition to producers who approved it, and then yes, there is a magic consultant on the show that we went over some of the more magic-intensive details with so that he could be the arbiter when they make their guesses.

Yes we met in the LA magic scene! We both hosted magic shows and invited each other to be a part of them. We were friends for years and then started working together 2 years ago... and started dating a few months after that! Now that's magic :D

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We did it so well we won a trophy!

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When we shot the interview (the day before) we did that as a kind of joke, because we NEVER expected to fool them. But now... well now I guess the pressure is on! I just need to think of a really cool way to propose... we always knew we'd get married just never thought the timeline would be this quick haha