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And sometimes we crash each other’s AMA!! In person catch ups are a little harder now that he moved back to Boston.

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I think Kenny is checking in somewhere in the background and maybe he'll jump on too!

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We wanted to put together an updated show of sorts, but unfortunately scheduling did not not work out as we had hoped!

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It was an interesting experience. Being able to share with each other what our experiences were and getting to see clips from kids all over the country really helped me to see how we are all connected and that we are not alone. I think it was an amazing choice for the producers to make sure kids could see other kids reacting to this to help them learn to process and understand their own feelings. It's hard as a kid to understand the way the adult work works, but it can be just as hard for adults to understand a kid's perspective. I hope we made a safe space for kids to feel included and their feelings validated.

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Thank you for watching! It really was a blast, imagine a summer camp that lasts the entire summer.

The only unpleasant thing was having to leave at the end of the day, and having to wait until the next day to come back.