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hey! thats my home town! yay!

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Question: You created an app which shares visual information, what is your perspective on medical illustration and its role in communication?


Just a massive personal thank you. About 2 years ago, I decided to change my career.

I'm working full time, taking classes and will be applying to grad school for biomedical visualization/medical illustration. Your app has helped me immensely.

I've been able to completely change my illustration and have found endless material to translate and study through your app.

thank you!

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So was this really just a trick to get close to Eva Green?

What are your plans for expansion and up keep? Do you train people on site to maintain or will they have to rely upon someone making a journey to investigate issues? I imagine there is liability and tons of other problems with training someone locally for grid maintenance

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thanks for the reply! Ive found that illustrations often bridge a gap in communication where words or photos fail. information can be transmitted without any pretense of gore or repulsion. it's kindve mechanical in a way, allowing someone to focus on the concept of the parts and relationships being illustrationed.

do you think that this relationship can be used in your app? to create a conversation with more information