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How do you feel comfortable claiming "the truth of the entire world" based only on your firsthand experience?

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[ ] not-rekt

[ ] rekt

[x] ShREKT DiREKTor's Cut

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Your period game is wack, mad binbong in the krilz. I sometimes use jargon to troll non-English speakers, sometimes real, sometimes not. Bird up, you smell me?

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hey first you should look at a map and realize 800 miles is 1/3 of the width of the US, so you’d be going much farther than 2 states unless you were going across texas which already narrows it down.

looking at your post history narrows it down further and that’d put you at robbing a new mexico bank.

there would be any number of surveillance options to pick up your license plate even pointing in the direction of the robbery and establish that you made the trip there or back, which gives probable cause and warrants easily issued.

freeze you’re under arrest for precrime by the internet police bureau

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Mkay, yeah, who would want to visit hawaii