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Brother of a doctor here. From what I remember of what she told me it's because your inmune system attacks the vaccine's content (which is the point of vaccines so that the inmune system learns how to fight against the disease introduced) the older you are the stronger your inmune system, and, since the adverse effects come from an inmune system reaction, stronger the inmune system = stronger reaction. Want to clarify that my sis taught me this a few years ago so I might've confused something and also my English isnt good so sorry if sometjing isn't clear

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Hey, happy birthday!! Hope you're having a great day and tbh this is one of the best Iamas I've seen, idk why but its pretty interesting to me, never thought of yacht crews or chefs. I saw you couldnt answer some questions like if you worked, or what you cooked, for a politician or known person. Do they make you sign a confidentiality contract before being employed with some people, if so, do you hire a lawyer or grt any advice for it? Again thank you for doing this

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May I ask why was it such a bad experience? My mom travels a lot through america and she told me Haiti ppl were generally nice. I feel bad for the country tbh even if ppl arent good, they've been through so much shit. Its been like 5 years and they still havent recovered from that massive earthquake they had since they're so poor.