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V-22's are so cool. I love watching them around San Diego. Occasionally you'll see them fly over the bay. I always stop and look because it doesn't look like it should work.

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How much extra training do you need to be able to land at SAN ( San Diego ) ? Living here, it looks like quite the difficult landing with the notorious parking garage right before final. Also have you ever landed here when the winds caused the runway landing directions to be reversed?

Edit: If anyone is curious, here's a video. Our airport is located downtown and quite the spectacle to witness from the streets.

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You should look into Tijuana. Now I know you're thinking , what?!?! But hear me out. I live in San Diego and almost everyone I know goes to TJ for dental work..even regular cleanings. It is a hub for Mexican dental schools and the like. There are so many amazing dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons there that do AMAZING work for a fraction of the cost.

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Cgpgrey is another YouTuber that comes to mind that is like this. Very infrequent posts that are the highest quality. Love it!

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Nile crocs

These things are terrifying. 14 feet long, 1000 pounds and can swim at 20 mph. That's a whole lot of nope.