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For the past 20 years(since high school) I've had frequent night terrors a few times a week. Sometimes I'll wake up not knowing where I am scrambling around the room trying to find a light switch. other times I think something is occurring such as the ceiling fan breaking free from the ceiling or the bed is sliding towards the wall which causes me to scramble out of bed. Most commonly I will sit up in bed confused and not knowing who is sleeping next to me even though it is my partner of eight years. I generally come to after a few min and go right back to sleep. Never been violent and maybe remember 1/2 of them.

I've mentioned it to I've doctor I had and he just kind of shrugged it of and said he could recommend a therapist.

I don't drink alcohol or caffeine and don't do drugs. Any suggestions of what I can try? I've attempted various breathing exercises and diets over the years without success.