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As someone who recently discovered they need a bone marrow transplant, thank you for your consideration!

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My favorite is probably op constantly dodging the question about what portion of proceeds he's donating, but they're all fun!

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As someone needing a transplant, I had bone marrow extracted for a biopsy and was told the donating procedure is the same. I lay in a hospital bed in a room surrounded by three or four nurses/anesthesiologists, they started the general anesthesia (through an IV, but getting one in is painless) and I woke up an hour later a bit groggy and with slightly sore hips. I had liver failure back in October and have had several other procedures--biopsies and a PICC line put in, fortunately I didn't need a transplant--and by far the worst part is the anticipation. Everything else is easy!

P.S. thanks for signing up to be a donor! It's really awesome that there's people like you out there willing to help out those in need :)

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So, monetized letters with extra steps? Can't wait to pay $10 to send some covid to a stranger!

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Not sure if it really answers the question but I've always been a little overweight. I've been swimming for a while and I really am in decent shape, but not with aplastic anemia I can't walk more than fine minutes without running out of breath - everyone just assumes I'm a fat kid and that's why.

I guess it really comes down to people judge you by their first impressions, and it's not a great feeling