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Damn. You are so tough. I just watched my mom die of septic shock a couple months ago. It was the absolute worst thing I could ever imagine happening to someone. She went to the ER with a lung infection and within 3 hours all her organs shut down and her heart was at 20%. She was put on several antibiotics, a feeding tube, and a ventilator. She somehow survived for 2 weeks. But with no blood flow, she got dry gangrene on her hands, feet, ears and nose. She had DIC which if when your blood clots and doesnt clot at the same time. Finally was diagnosed with menengitis. The last straw was when they were going to amputate her arms and legs. Her face turned black and practically fell off. It was the absolute worst torture I have ever even considered.

entheogenocide3 karma

Your very kind, thank you. I will keep you in my thoughts as well