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I admire your drive. Your mother must have indeed been a wonderful woman to bring those qualities out in you.

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Paradoxically, it's a way of disarming those negative thoughts. You've allowed them to "defend themselves", and now they can feel safer with you having expressed where there are doubts. It takes the bite out of unconscious deal-killers by bringing them into the light.

That said, I think it takes confidence in your empathy and understanding to ask that question and respond appropriately. If your answers show that you don't actually understand their concerns, for example, then you could easily shoot yourself in the foot. And even then, it could be easy to answer defensively, combatively or dismissively. It's a simple question, but a pretty complex interaction.

I'd probably ask a few probing questions beforehand to help ensure I have a good enough understanding of things, before jumping in to disarm possible criticisms.

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I want to get into developing these types of prostheses - are there things you think are commonly missed or overlooked by the design teams working on these things?

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Thanks for the response! As an engineer, I love the look of technology, but that also makes it easy to forget that sometimes we want to blend in rather than stand out.

Good also to hear you mention cleanability - I imagine that sort of everyday maintenance makes a huge impact on your experience using these devices.