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Can I just ask questions about the job without inquiring about getting hired? I love the show "Air Disasters" and I like to learn about air travel.

I'm not sure if this is even a thing because I may be fundamentally misunderstanding the process, but is there any kind of "backup" system in place so that you aren't solely responsible for anything? Or are you solely responsible for the flights that you are assigned (if that's how it works)?

Do you have to do a physical and/or psychological exam? Do you have to continue doing physical and/or psych exams while you are employed?

Is English used worldwide for air traffic control and other flight communication?

ETA: feel free to point me to the other thread. It's a lot of info that I haven't read yet so it could be my answers are in there!

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Is there a way to prevent hail damage if I must park outside?

I've watched a lot of detailing videos on YouTube mostly from Ammo and I've done a lot of detailing on my car. I'm a girl. One time some kids came by when I was applying wax and made some snide comments toward me and I haven't detailed since then because I was so discouraged. Is there any advice you might have for me to help me get back into it? I just have no desire to work on it anymore because of the one bad experience.

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Thanks for the answers and keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions! It sounds very intense yet rewarding.