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Retaliation? They claim to not be working for them anymore and with "worked for aurora" on their linkedin surely their phone must be constantly ringing with overly generous job offers, how is aurora supposed to "retaliate" in that situation? This isn't the mafia lad. And how are they well known for it? In this age of dissinformation i don't trust "believe me" arguments, i'm asking for factual evidence to support their claim, you really think it's a bad thing? If you have more than hearsay to support your argument i'd gladly read up your source, that's precisely what i'm asking for.

Now what surprises me is that on an AMA that has ~280 comments (out of which a lot have been made by OP, or other persons that posted several messages, so propably ~100 participants) i see 3-4 self-proclaimed ex-employee on a time-limited AMA, who got in from the very beginning, that's kind of a high percentage. Now, my webdev studies included enough communication and web-marketing classes for me to raise an eyebrow. How did they know the exact date and hour of the AMA? Why spend the effort of organizing this kind of protest if they do not work for the company anymore? What's more likelly, that they're obsessed enough about their former job experience to schedule their day around participating in this AMA, or that one of the many rival companies in the self-driving industry has given their com team the task to attack their reputation on this AMA?

The fact that they use these alt accounts doesn't play in their favor, i'd gladly believe them (well, on the "management is idiotic" i believe them, it's pretty standard in the IT world...), but i need empyrical evidence for that. I'm not going to take the word of a freshly made account as fact, and neither should you, skepticism is a healthy practice.

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Oh! My bad for the missunderstanding, and thank you for your answer :)

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As much as i'd gladly take up the challenge, i doubt Aurora has any use for a junior JS dev.

Sorry lad but i need a little more than "if you know you know" to believe the word of a freshly made account, i've studied enough aggressive web-marketing/communication tactics to not take the word of a freshly made account on social media as fact, which is why i am asking for factual evidence.

I mean, it's suspicious, several self-proclaimed ex-employees with new accounts on a ~100 participants thread making somewhat damaging claims... Why would you bother to follow your former company's com to know of their AMA, and then organize your day to protest their AMA as soon as it's online? That sounds like a bit of an obsessive behaviour. As for retaliation, you're not working for them anymore, and you now have "worked at Aurora" (and Uber) on your linkedin, surely generous job-offers must be flying your way, how could they retaliate?

I'm very much willing to believe your and your colleagues' claims, but in this age of dissinformation i'm afraid that i'm going to need a little more than "trust me bro". I see claims of rampant sexism for example, is there no repport avaliable on the public domain? No press article (when in the current political climate any journal would jump on the story)? If you can't provide any substance to your claim, i'm afraid that your testimony as a freshly made reddit account has little value in my eyes, and i don't mean that as a way to diminish your experience, but understand that it's hard for me to take your word as fact with nothing of substance to support it.

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I'm curious, most of the "i'm an (ex) aurora employee and it's an awful company" comments come from accounts litterally made a day ago, whose sole activity on reddit comes from this very AMA post.

Now, i'm far from a fan of sexism on the workplace, and know very little about Aurora, but given the competition in the self-driving industry, it makes me wonder if these posts aren't posted by the communication team of a rival company.

So my question is the following: Do you have any factual evidence to support your claims/identity?

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Yep, but then again, same goes for the "aurora has a toxic/sexist workplace", including the top comment. Feels like i'm watching corps fight each other through alt accounts. Imma grab some popcorn before i keep reading, this seems interesting...