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My family was on Medicaid this past year. My wife was listed as disabled May 2018. Social Security says she can't get Medicaid until May 2020. I am 57 yr old male who had prostrate cancer a couple of years ago. Wife 56 yr old (still has with undiagnosed neurological problems) Youngest child is a senior at college who plays on a sports team. The college has offered to pay her health insurance till the end of the school year. She has a job with great benefits when she graduates. But, given my projected (hopefully low) self-employed income and wife's benefits, the state will subsidize our three person family coverage to about $1,500 for the upcoming year. Two-person $0.

I don't think it will be a problem if I make a little more on my projected income, but will we lose the subsidy if my daughter graduates and joins her new company's health plan? The company is on the opposite coast if that makes a difference. Any other advice is greatly appreciated.