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Hi Piper, I watched your Ted talk:


You talked about what you learned from your friends in prison. Do you still keep in touch with those friends?

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How old where they when they were adopted?

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My (now) wife and I had no idea what it was either. We had caught a "documentary" about it on the discovery channel, which existed to make you believe this was a real incident. We watched it through, but didn't think much of it.

Then we saw the thing in theaters.

We were scared shitless for like two days. It didn't help when people started hanging those witch shape things in trees by our house:)

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It's a reboot, which means we get to reimagine the characters. I think it was a fantastic change personally.

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You guys are pretty clearly a for-profit. Given that, are you going to be donating any proceeds to professors and other highly qualified individuals working on open-source texts?