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Thoughts on moissanite? My wife has a moissanite ring because she is heavily against DeBeers, the artificial scarcity of diamonds, blood diamonds, and so-on.

Is what you're doing similar? How are ADA Diamonds different?

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That... That is incredibly insightful! Thanks for that! We definitely preferred the much higher refraction/reflection/colors in the moissanite we got, but that definitely explains clearly the difference. And yes - obviously different cuts have different dispersion too.

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Thanks - that was my thought as well. /u/DemIce explained to me the following:

Not OP, but your last question is an easy one: Moissanite is not diamond at all; it's silicon carbide.

OP's diamonds are actually diamond (carbon in a particular lattice).

They have fairly different optical properties. Personally I prefer Moissanite due to its greater dispersion, but a lot is going to depend on the cut anyway.

That still doesn't explain OP's dislike for moissanite, but it could simply come down to preference or authenticity since it's technically still a diamond where moissanite isn't.

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This is exactly one of the (many) reasons we chose moissanite; It looks more brilliant and looks cleaner. Sometimes it could be the setting, the type of moissanite (not all moissanite is created equal), or other factors.

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Thanks for your AMA!

I've been a 'struggling' pianist for many, many years now and one of the things I have a hard time developing is solid technique. I can play pretty complicated things but I have a hard time staying relaxed while I play them.

Any tips/suggestions that even someone relatively experienced might not know? I understand it's not just about practicing scales over and over, nor is Hanon really accepted as the best go-to for technique practicing anymore anyway.

When you're practicing, what kinds of things are you focusing on to ensure proper form, or avoiding mistakes, etc?