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How do I explain to my legal immigrant wife that the effort and expense of her legal immigration is worthwhile if we just let illegal immigrants stay? Who would ever go through the legal immigration process if you can just be an illegal immigrant in this country with no repercussions? If she can ignore immigration law, why not tax law, zoning laws, or any other law which inconveniences her?

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Legal immigrants are usually the biggest opponents to illegal immigration. Go figure!

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The anal muscosa still produce mucus. I needs to be cleaned out every once in a while. Mostly people only encounter this when they poop.

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EMT here. A pneumothorax occurs when air enters the chest cavity, collapsing the negative pessire balance that allows your lungs to inflate. The chest cavity is normally isolated from the pleural space by a membrane. The cause for this in an emergency setting is usually external puncture to the chest or a flail segment of ribs that has punctured the membrane. Sometimed it can also happen with excessive fluid buildup. The goal is to suck the crap out to restore the empty space rather than pushing air in like a balloon.

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Most legal immigrants I have met are very anti illegal immigration. The stupid thing is legal immigration its all a money game. If you have a million dollars, you are guaranteed a green card. Otherwise, you are just playing the lottery.