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Great to hear something positive in these times man. Good luck with your future in comics, it looks like its going to be bright! My question: For someone who has no idea about the process of making comics, particularly on simply the drawing part of it, how does one go about it? If you do it digitally, what apps and hardware do you use? And how long does it take to draw once you have an idea of the storyline.

Also, what are some of your favourite comics

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If this technology could be developed, what are some really big risks that might come with it and also in which fields would it be most beneficial?

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How can someone from the medical field interested in neuroscience join this field. Are surgeons needed to implant BMIs onto the brain ? What are some of the biggest challenges(biologically) in the field right now which hinders the pace of BMIs being developed? I think it's really cool that you work in something so exciting!