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As an America who lived there on a sailboat for a couple years ....it is awesome. The people are great, very friendly and open. Everyone says hello or "bula" (or boola not sure on spelling). Great food...half the population is Indian. The fishing is some of the best left in the world. Water is perfect for swimming. 2 of the top 10 scuba dive sites in the world. Great sailing grounds. It's truly a tropical paradise. Only downside are the cyclones.

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English is taught in schools. Never had an issue communicating. The place has plenty of resorts on the water if that's your thing. They even do this thing where you can use a ferry to take you through islands and spend time is several different resorts. There are backpacker places, normal resorts, and highly exclusive places.

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Fiji is great and so is India. However, you must have been shocked by the difference in culture even if you have an Indian heritage. Are you Hindu or Muslim? What we some of the biggest surprises? What city did you go to for the operation? Have you driven ...at night too? Feel crowded?

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Sorry to assume your heritage. If you have time check out some of the historical sights and or temples. Street food is great but make sure you watch it get cooked. Have friends who plan to do a tuktuk race from northwest to southern India. They've never been there. I told them it's crazy. I've made several trips there and loved it. Trains are usually late and domestic flights canceled on me 3 of 5 times. But it's so exotic... Great place to see the sights. Btw where in Fiji are you from?