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HUGE props to this lab and the work they're doing. Also to Aidan, who brought the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program to our attention!

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Ben Johnson here from team Endless Thread--great to see you doing an AMA and it's been fun to talk to you in the past about Uber and other tech things during my Marketplace days. One thing I think about more and more is the importance of company culture--how it is created, how hard it is to fix when it is terrible, and how companies get it right. Can you talk about Uber's culture, how it has evolved and where it came from? And maybe your thoughts on how it could be fixed? Startup culture is made fun of so often and there's a lot of reporting about how bad it is...but not as much reporting (IMO) about *how it gets created* in the first place.

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Yessssssssss. I was gonna mention Netflix too which seems kindof famous for culture as well. But this makes sense and definitely a good sign that more companies are thinking about it from jump. TK seems to have set a definite tone at Uber and as your excellent reporting had shown, the company has reaped the "rewards" of that 10x. Really looking forward to digging into the book. Congrats!