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There is chaos on the highway

There are problems with the buses

For the short bus want more gas

And the Greyhounds ignore their honks...

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Are there any plans to release the footage or audio of all the sets to the people that go to Bonnaroo? Couldn't you verify our ticket purchases some how and then release it to us for free to avoid copyright law and whatnot?

Bonnaroo was an amazing time and I can't wait to go again. Thank you for all you do and see you on the farm this year! Radiate Positivity!

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Is the BBC model of funding public news/channels one way to get bias out of our reporting? Could investing in NPR or PBS, etc. so that ratings and money don't have as much of a role and impact on the news a tangible answer?

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Thanks. It was harder than I want to admit...

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I guess my issue is most people are getting their news from 24/7 news channels that put ratings and profits before integrity and we need to police that.