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I can only imagine how devasting this is. I'm sorry for your loss.

Is it just you and your brother now? Do you have a relationship at all with your father or his family (grandparents, cousins, etc)?

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Do you want to have children yourself? Why/why not?

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Mr. Moore, what has been your biggest challenge since gaining notoriety as a filmmaker?

Has it been easier or harder to make films 'your way' since becoming so well known?

If you were president for one month, what changes would you try and make?

Thanks :) Oh, and take this: another offer for a Canadian beer, this time from Toronto.

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Do you think this is an attainable goal to achieve by 2015? Which group of people do you think will have the most attempts- universities/colleges or independent groups? If an elementary school enters, is that considered privately funded if the students fundraise towards it? Do you have any resources you'd advise people read/watch for more information?

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That's really cool! Is there a way to follow your progress? Best of luck!