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You are so right. I've been through 3 miscarriages after seeing heartbeats. NEVER bring religion into it, even if it may provide you comfort, it may not for others. I had people tell me 'It's all part of God's plan' or that they are "with God now". I'm not about to get into a debate about religion, but I will say this is what made me lose faith.

The best thing for me was a simple hug and "I'm here for you"

Hugs to you, OP... It's never an easy thing to go through.

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Happy that the adoption process worked out for you... and it's not expensive for a domestic adoption. But it is not that simple. We went through the process years ago, and we ended up walking away after seeing children we wanted go back to their abusive families because "kids deserve to be with their blood family". We also saw potential parents lose children on the day of adoption because so distant blood relative showed up at the last minute to claim custody. It's a difficult and frustrating process that, despite their claim, doesn't always put the child's needs first

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I feel for you... After my 2nd miscarriage, my husband brought all the baby stuff to my mom's, where it Sat in the basement so I didn't have to look at it as a constant reminder. One day, a few weeks after it happened, my mom wasn't thinking and asked me to go downstairs to get something.. As I was going down the stairs I heard my mom swear at herself because she forgot..When my sister asked what was up, my mom told her about the baby stuff downstairs, and I heard her say "Ugh, she really needs to just get over it". That one stung

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Grew up watching you on SNL. Who was your favourite host to work with on SNL?

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I agree with this. When my father in law passed away, my mother in law had him cremated right away. Never did get a chance to view him. so it never seemed real. It does add a sense of closure I think.