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I sit, sir.

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Hahahaha, very nicely worded.

I'm wearing makeup today admittedly, but it's hard to get a full-body shot when you're using a laptop with a webcam. I could look for shots of how my body looks when I'm standing. My knees are turned in to face each other, my leg muscles are extremely atrophied and small, so I do definitely look different than the average chick.

However, I very much appreciate being called "very attractive"!

I have only had two consensual sexual partners in my life and I do wish I could have more, but unfortunately, it actually is very hard to convince a man that I am a viable partner. I live in a very small, rural town and I do believe that is part of the issue, but every man I meet in person instantly notices the handicap.

It either makes men extremely interested in having sex with me because they're into the idea of having sex with a handicapped chick, but that alone makes me unattracted to them because I feel as though I am more than just a means by which someone may satisfy their handicap fetish.

Orrrr it makes people extremely turned off, which I am more used to. It sucks, but many people see sex with a disabled girl as taking advantage of said disabled girl or as a form of harm. Even rape. This is very concerning to me because I am into kink and one of the primary rules of kink is to make sure all involved parties know that the activities have been sanely and safely consented to. When a man considers me unable to consent simply because I walk differently than most girls, it is frustrating and saddening, but it is a common opinion and one that I hope to help erase through education.

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Don't apologize for being blunt! Sex shouldn't be surrounded by euphemisms and shy disguises. It's a wonderful, beautiful thing that people should discuss openly!

From what I've tried, I've been able to do most things with some slight adaptations. I need to be held up if I'm gonna be on top because my balance is bad and I would fall over if left to steady myself.

I can't do anal bent over because my ass cheeks won't spread. Spasticity is a bitch. Doggy style is fine for vaginal penetration, however.

Most traditional positions are fine. It's the odd ones like "splitting bamboo" that I can't do at all. I also don't particularly enjoy providing blow jobs while the man is standing and I'm on my knees. My knees get sore VERY fast and I can't balance myself if I'm not propped up by my arms.

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I have been sexually abused once, yes. It was a bad time in my life, post-suicide attempt, and when I realized I was still alive, I wanted to put myself in danger so that someone else might kill me. It was bad, but I got medication for depression, admitted what was going on to my therapist, and got help. I am much happier and confident today and I am able to have a very normal sex life with no traumatic residue. I believe the experience has solidified my desire to be a sex therapist.

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So someone responds to your AMA and asks you three questions in one comment, two of them being "yes-or-no" style questions, one of them being "how are you?", and it takes you two hours to reply "yes x".

I hope you were not writing copy at your ad agency.