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How can my sister expand her business? She takes childrens drawings of animals and such and turns them into real life stuffed animals.

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What kind of jazz are you listening to these days? I’m a big art blakey fan. Also Mingus, bill evans and Ahmad jamal.

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What is your source of water? In one of your pictures looks to be a lake. Are you situated on the lake? Could you run a small pump off a generator to move your water?

Also, what mushrooms do you forage on your property? I see a pic of morels. Yum!

Great instagram feed btw. It presents a nice look into a different way of living. Thank you!

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Nice. I’ve never really gotten into Coltrane but I just picked up circle of fifths on vinyl and have been enjoying that. Check out alpha mist and bad bad not good for some very new jazz works that are top notch.