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With all that fabric they're wearing, of course they're hot.

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Even if you are subpoenaed, aren't you covered by patient/ therapist privilege?

Edit, because the orange envelope army is still invading: I assumed that all states had the privilege because mine does, but it depends on the evidence code and case law of each state.

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I imagine it's a link to one's humanity as well. I would think it's similar to that scene in Ivan Denisovich where the men take off their hats to eat even though they're freezing in a labor camp simply because that's how civilized men eat.

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I work with domestic violence victims and other victims of crime. I've heard all kinds of stories. I'm never truly "surprised" anymore, but at the same time, my response is still the same as bastthegatekeeper. For me, it's not so much as "surprise," but rather a flood of anger and sadness. Even if you're not surprised, the other emotions should never, ever go away.

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Dude they stole my friggin' kidney