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If you remember, were there people that were horribly off-key, or people just didnt care and were happy to be singing?

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(break camera)

"Problem solved, boss. I'm hitting the road..."

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Good one! Make sure you get the "Used - Acceptable" one.

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Hi Mr. Smith, big fan here!

  1. Out of all the TV and movies you’ve done, what was the most fun you’ve had on set?
  2. In Robocop, were there scenes you were particularly uncomfortable with? Was the action and work what you expected? Did you think the movie would have such a huge impact?

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing more of you in Resurrection.

PS. Everytime I see Dead Poets Society I always think of the traumatic moment with you saying, "MY SON!!" powerful stuff. :)

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Any chance we could ever see "Adam Ruins Everything" Bloopers?

Ever get the desire to really mess up someone elses plans just to hear "Adam, you ruined everything!"?

Out of the episodes so far, what facts really gave you the biggest wake-up call when doing the research?