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Unfortunately, I am not aware of any large companies with international supply chains that are acting responsibly.

That's depressing.

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Who's he?

He's the guy who signs the checks for the guy that signs your checks.

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You know what this operating room needs? More Art Garfunkle.

It works with everything.

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I got to see live in concert once. Paid extra for floor seats for my best friend and I and he must have done 6 encores. Happy to hear that he was a pleasure to work with.

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Depends on what your goal is. If you want to hunt them but still preserve the population then you typically wait until they've been old enough to produce offspring to replenish the kill rate.

My statement may not jive with the actual goals of the OP, it's just a response to your specific question. I don't have a stake in this particular issue and as such haven't really read much about it.