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This logic is undebatable.

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This has made me so happy I didn't know I wasn't alone :D Don't sweat the small stuff guys ;)

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I applaud you for doing this AMA, I can't even start to imagine how devastating it'd be for yourself and your daughter. I was wondering, even though it may seem insensitive, if he 'got better' would you grant him to still be a part of your daughters life? (In any way you wish) Personally I believe that there should be absolutely no forgiveness in this situation, though reading through your answers, you sound very logical and intelligent. Once again, I hope it gets better for you and your little one.

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I'm in Australia and it's almost 4am, my parents are sleeping but have been blasting your vinyl records since I was born (and long before, I'm sure) thankyou for contributing to how awesome my parents are, and for giving me something great to listen to for all my years!

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So much respect for you guys who volunteer. It is such a taxing environment and very hard to selflessly understand and throw yourself into.

Do you believe your role has changed you? Are there any aspects of the work you don't agree with? What aspects are these.

Thanks again :)