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What's your favorite kind of pen and notebook to use if you aren't using a typewriter?

(I have 3 typewriters myself and my first play was written on one of them. Not a fan of writing on a computer.)

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To EJO: What made you choose to do this project specifically? I've been following it a bit and was curious as to the desire. You've played such varied roles - it didn't surprise me, but it did basically mean that I'm going to watch this because you are in it.

To JS: What is the most challenging part of writing a movie script? I'm a writer but I'm not sure I'd ever be able to write a script. Are there any tips or hints you can give (aside from keep writing, which I always take to heart)?

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Thank you so much for your response, it means a lot. It's somewhat comforting as strange as it sounds to hear that even experienced writers have some of the same trouble that armchair writers do. :)

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Robot Rockerz, expert, blind run having never played it before

yeah that was not smart

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I don't own a PS3/4, but I would buy one just to play Amplitude.