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Earthers are a bunch of freeloaders. Martians are brave go-getters. Will we be able to subjugate and educate these shiftless lay-abouts in a future DLC?

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Hi, I'm also Syrian and Palestinian. My mother is Palestinian and says that my dad's (Syrian) parents weren't super enthused about them dating or marrying because of her ethnicity. Do you find that many Arabs have stereotypical views about Arabs from other areas?

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the Lebanese are girlish

That's funny. My dad's mother insisted for years that her dad's mother was born in Beirut. One of my grandma's brothers went to Tidmur and came back saying she was wrong and they'd argue about it when we were all together. My dad said it was either because she wanted to be French or Phoenician depending on what kind of mood he was in.

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How are you feeling about humanity right now?