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I've been frustrated when using Dragon and have given up, now several times, with getting the hang of it. I get many errors in the speech to text and commands. Did you experience this? Any suggestions?

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Hi Sarah, thank you for doing this AMA. I'm very interested in your writing/books. Congratulations on your many achievements! I am so sorry about your MND as it is a wicked disease. I have a lesion on my upper motor neuron so it causes symptoms but it is not imminently life-threatening. I do recognize I'm lucky that way.

My question is - what suggestions do you have for someone who wants to become a better storytelling writer? Do you have favorite resources, books, groups, etc? I have experience with technical writing in my career. I kept a small, anonymous blog that several people (particularly medical professionals) enjoyed when I was first finding out about my illness.

I abandoned my blog when writing anonymously became conflicting. I feared people in my career world would discover it and see me as weak and incompetent due to my limitations and physical disability. Anonymity is not as big of a worry for me anymore and I'd like to get back to writing. I'm not sure if I can learn to tell better stories but I'd like to try. Do you think a person can learn to tell better stories?

I hope I have not asked too much nor shared too much. The details seemed somewhat relevant. I'm grateful to you for sharing your experiences and expertise through your writing and this AMA. Sending good vibes your way.

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Thank you so much Sarah. Sending you love !!!